Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Of course, this is a very simplified response to a much more complex issue about the inconsistency in the norms and expectations that society and culture have set for females versus men. But, overall, this ad did stop and make me wonder...why is it that girls are taught that politeness and ladylike behavior are synonymous with being apologetic. maybe if more men were taught to be apologetic, and more women were taught to be unabashedly confident and strong,  some of those differences in the way women and men communicate and feel wouldn't be quite as different afterall.

what do you think? is the shine strong campaign making its desired impact? perhaps the campaign is only reaching half of its potential if women are the only ones who find this thought provoking - how can we get more men to be thoughtful about these issues like those raised by the recent #yesallwomen #notallmen.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

When it first launched, Dove's Real Beauty campaign was one of the first to feature real women of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds in an effort to help change the social standards and definitions of beauty. I recently came across their latest video, which is aimed at reminding women (and probably most everyone) that at times we are our own harshest critics and that all too often we focus on what we don't like or what we wish we could change.

I thought it was so amazing and powerful to watch as these women realized that they really are more beautiful than they thought. As the woman in the video says, it's a great reminder to be grateful and happy with what we do have because all that self-loathing and dissatisfaction doesn't do anyone any good. On the other hand, feeling good and happy and appreciative and projecting that kind of self-confidence makes a difference in the way we carry ourselves when we meet new people, are faced with new opportunities, and even when we're just trying to get through the day.

Thank you, Dove, for reminding us that You Are More Beautiful Than You Think.

P.S.  I know I've been on a bit of a hiatus, but I felt really inspired by this video and now I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things.  I'll try not to be so much of  a stranger in the coming weeks. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Mantra: Shit Could Be Worse

Once again, I find myself needing to apologize for the lack of posts - a shortage that I foresee lasting through next week.
I know most of my Monday Mantras are usually all about positivity and optimism and carpe-ing the freaking diem, but I guess today's is a little more of a backward approach to that. 
As I sat here and started listing out my list of dreaded to-do's (work deadlines, wedding planning craziness and finals), I realized how much that list sounds like a bunch of obnoxious #richpeopleproblems, #firstworldproblems, or even just #happypeopleproblems. I mean, we're all guilty of it. We talk about how busy we are and gripe about the things that make us tired "just thinking about it," so I decided that it would probably be a good idea to remind myself that shit could be worse
Sure, I wanted to curse whoever decided we needed daylight savings time when my alarm went off this morning, but at least now it'll be light enough at the end of the day to go for a good run, outside, in fresh air.
I've got many long hours of trying to make sense of the past ten weeks of accounting and econ before finals next week, but then I'll get my first "Spring Break" since 2007!!! Even though these days Spring Break really just means a week of being able to come home after work and not feeling guilty about watching hours of bad TV instead of studying. 
And yes, I am up to my ears in wedding planning, but of course, there really is no downside to having a reason to plan one big huge lovefest/party for all of your closest friends and family. 

So the next time you're thinking about how stressed out you are...just remember this little note-to-self: Shit could be worse. 
Stay positive my friends.

Friday, February 15, 2013

My Georgetown Cupcake Addiction

All images: Georgetown Cupcake

I've been meaning to post about the gloriousness that is Georgetown Cupcake in LA for a while now, but for whatever reason I never got around to it. And of course when I say "for whatever reason," as if I just forgot to write, it's really means that in the month of December my fingers were constantly too covered in delicious holiday-flavored frosting to type out a blog. And more recently, I've had nothing to report because I've been on a self-imposed cupcake rehab/abstinence program to recover from the aforementioned month-long cupcake bender.

Anyway, just like Lindsay Lohan can't stay out of a courtroom for more than a few weeks, I couldn't stay out of the delicious smelling shop once I saw the amazing February flavors that are on the menu. I mean...

classic madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake baked with fresh strawberries and champagne with a chocolate ganache core and topped with a champagne infused buttercream frosting and a ganache star
valrhona chocolate cupcake with a rich fudge core topped with a  strawberry icing and fudge star drizzle
Truth be told, I've probably made at least one trip a week to the Robertson location since February started (looking like it's going to be a repeat of December's gluttony). But once you try the strawberry champagne, which I'm officially endorsing as thee perfect cupcake, you'll understand why it's been such a slippery slope. That creation seriously has everything you need in one delightful little cupcake - the champagne frosting is like whipped air, the cake smells like fresh strawberries and is super light and the lava core adds the perfect hint of chocolate.

If all this sounds a little too gourmet for you, their everyday flavors are just as drool worthy. Honey banana or toffee crunch sound like they'd be a sweet start to the week. Or carrot or chocolate hazelnut to get you over hump-day. And for all of the health-conscious sweet tooths (is the plural of sweet tooth, sweet teeth?) they have lots of delicious flavors for you like gluten-free chocolate salted caramel and vegan cinnamon.

Whatever your favorite flavor, I highly recommend you get yourself over to 143 S. Robertson Blvd. stat!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

One for the Lovers...

Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers out there. Here are a few of my favorite v-day images from around the web.
Kate Spade Paperless Post
Real Simple
These real cookies are too cute to eat!
Paul Thurlby
Even though, I personally am not big into the pre-fix dinners and expensive chocolates and flowers (we usually celebrate the day by ordering in Chinese food and watching a movie at home), what I do love is the smaller gestures. I generally find just as much, if not more, satisfaction and happiness in a simple, thoughtful card that makes me laugh or smile. For a few years now, I've made it my own tradition to send images like these to the special people in my life via email with a little personal note as a kind of e-valentine. It's kind of fun to find silly images that seem to match with each person's personality or your relationship.

Anyway, this year I'll be celebrating by taking a three-hour econ midterm, which also explains my lack of posts this week. To all of you who will be indulging in chocolate instead of isoquants, I wish you the happiest of happy Valentine's Days!

The Mental Rolodex

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday Video: Invitations (Vellum My Ass!!!)

A friend recently shared this video by Klepper & Grey with us, as we're now part of the engaged species. We've hardly scratched the surface on all of the detailed planning that's going to go into our wedding, but I suspect that this is a pretty accurate and hilarious glimpse into this joyous but slightly bizarre time when invitations and guest lists, tablescapes and venues have irrational relevance and significance in our daily lives.

I guess this is just a reminder to find the humor in some of the madness and enjoy the process...after all, it's just a party ("but f*** me, vellum and chocolate are a nice touch"). For all of you fianc├ęs and anyone who has ever planned a wedding, or if you're just looking for a good laugh, check out the entire Engaged series here.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Mantra: You vs. You

We are our greatest competition. Whether it's laziness or making excuses for ourselves - we can also be our greatest enemy. So as we start a new week and a new month I liked this reminder that even though we can't control a lot of things or people around us, we can control our own actions, including how much we challenge or push ourselves not just to do better but to be better. And instead of competing against ourselves with negativity and constant comparisons to others and their (usually unqualified opinions) we can compete at a higher level by motivating ourselves to work harder and reach higher.